Meet the 2012-2013 Executive Board

Introducing the 2012-2013 Latinos in Pre-Health at the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign Executive Board


 Alex Jimenez

 Year: Senior

 Major: Psychology

 Future Goals: Grad School, Peace Corps, Med School

Vice President

 Daniel Gonzalez

 Year: Senior

 Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology

 Future Goals: Med-School, Maybe Surgery


 Noelia Galvez

 Year: Sophomore

 Major: Psychology

 Future Goals: Law School, Med School


 Jon Silva 

 Year: Senior

 Major: Integrative Biology

 Future Goals: Grad School and/or Med School and then on to save the world

Social Chairs

 Maricruz Diaz

 Year: Junior

 Major: Community Health

 Future goals: Med School

 Karina Diaz

 Year: Senior

 Major: Psychology

 Future goals: Grad school (psychologist)

Philanthropy Chair

 Lupe Garcia

 Year: Senior

 Major: Human Nutrition

 Future Goals: Peace Corps, Grad School, Med-School, International Health

Public Relations

 Nicholas Flores-Hutton

 Year: Junior

 Major: Integrative Biology

 Short Term Goals: Going to Med-School

 Long Term Goals: Going to other countries and helping those in need

Volunteering Chair

 Amy Ochoa

 Year: Sophomore

 Major: Interdisciplinary Health

 Future Goals: Become a pediatrician to impact the future directly and travel the world to help those less fortunate.

Fundraising Chair

 Jesse Diaz

 Year: Senior

 Major: MCB

 Future Goals: Dental School


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